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1english-toy-spanielHere is a guest post from our friend Zach Harner over at Small Dog Breed Information.com

Do you know someone who is looking for a dog but is not sure what kind of dog they want? Small Dog Breeds Information.com is an excellent source of information when trying to find out all you can about a dog before you decide to buy one.

This site provides you with information on size, breed, color, coat type, weight, height, life span and much more! It also gives you pricing information in relation to original cost plus yearly upkeep estimates with vet visits, dog food and other items you may need to purchase for each specific dog breed.

SmallDogBreedsInformation.com shows star-ratings for each dog in various categories that you might be interested in. You are able to find dogs that have a 5-star rating in children, being a watchdog, shedding and so on.  It makes it very simple for you to quickly find information about the small dog you’re looking at. You are able to easily navigate through the list of 80+ small dog breeds. The goal of the website is to ensure that owners are able to find the dog that is perfect for their home and lifestyle. The best way to do this is to provide as much information as possible about each dog so that the potential owners know the dog will work well for them and not have any surprises when they bring the dog into their home. 

Currently, SmallDogBreedsInformation.com has partnered with us and put together a sweepstakes to give away a free Doggie Doo All leash attachment. For those of you that don’t know much about this amazing product; it is shaped like a bone, comes in 9 stylish colors, and holds bags on both ends. Additionally, there is a zipper along the top, which contains wipes and can hold many other items, including keys, a cell phone or dog treats. The Doggie Doo All can also be quickly attached to a leash or a belt buckle, making your walks that much easier and more enjoyable.

Cleaning up dog poop has been never fun and you never know how many bags you should take along with you, but with this product you know longer have to worry about that and you even have wipes to clean your hands afterwards! Run out of wipes? No problem! You can order a new package of wipes (available in 1 pack or 6) with ease on their webpage.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Small Dog Breeds Information today and enter for a chance to win one of these amazing products! While you there, feel free to look around and the different types of dogs, you may find your new best friend while you’re visiting.

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