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roccoHello and welcome to the 2nd blog installment of The Solid Poop. This is where we share with you all the adventures of the Doggie Doo All.

To say that we hit the ground running after coming off of Total Pet Expo would be an understatement.  Larry and I have spent every waking moment sending e-mails and making phone calls trying to close down deals and make sales.  If you’ve ever been in sales yourself, you know that it can be a difficult transition from manufacturing to actually selling.  Lucky for us, we love the product and believe in it so much, we’ve been eager to start dialing.
Congratulations to Larry right off the bat for cold calling the owner at The Animal Company in San Francisco and making a sale on the spot!  You can now buy your Doggie Doo All right in the heart of San Francisco.  We are so proud.  It’s difficult to make calls and send emails and get little or no response so we do take the time to enjoy our successes.  You should do the same, especially if you work out of a home office where the pats on the back can be few and far in between.
During this last week we were also able to get this wonderful testimonial by Charmaine Hammond.  Charmaine interviewed me for her “Paws-A-tive Radio” show and had this to say about the Doggie Doo All:
“We love our Doggie Doo All!  I met Laura at the Women in the Pet Industry Network, and immediately was intrigued by her product.  The Doggie Doo All is a convenient well made pouch to carry two rolls of poop bags and sanitary wipes.  Never again will a messy clean up job be messy!  Great product! “
Thank you Charmaine and I will be sharing the link for Tuesday’s show right here on this bog.
Larry and I were also pleasantly surprised but completely caught off guard by the appearance in our lives of Rocco.  Rocco is a 2 year old lab pit mix that needs to be re-homed.  We were called on Friday to see if we could board him for a few days and now, who knows?  St. Martins Animal Foundation Rescue right here in Southern California needed our help and we’re happy to be of service.
As part of our philosophy of giving back and “Doo-ing”, we are partnering with rescues and what better way to start than by providing a home for a dog suddenly finding himself without one.
The Universe sure does work in mysterious ways.  We keep stepping out in faith everyday and doing the work necessary to move forward.  We hope you might consider taking in a stray or fostering a dog if you can.  We’re hoping you have a great week! That’s The Solid Poop for this week.
Till we bark again,
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