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Welcome to the first ever blog post of Doggie Doo All.  What a great place to begin, right at the beginning, as we have just launched one week ago today at Total Pet Expo 2014 in Chicago. Ah, but this isn’t really the beginning you see, as the beginning started over 5 years ago… As a dog walker in the Los Angeles area, I was always picking up after dogs. Loving dogs and walking them was, and still remains, a super fun activity. But one thing always made the dog walking experience unpleasant, and I think a lot of you will agree, it’s picking up dog poop. Frustrated with no available solution to this problem, I began to develop the idea of a leash attachment which had wet wipes attached. I had never invented anything before and things weren’t exactly moving forward by leaps and bounds. I tried, but couldn’t raise the money needed to develop the product as a dog walker.  I made calls everyday and pursued a licensing deal. Frustrated that I never got a licensing deal but still believing in the product 100% I did what every one suggests to new inventors… Go on Shark Tank! Well, guess what? I tried to get on Shark Tank. Really tried. Jumped through rings of fire and signed my future profits away. Anything to just get on the show, get some capital and exposure. But after all that work, it was not to be.
During this entire process, I was only focusing on making the product in plastic. I envisioned wipes coming out one side of a fire hydrant leash attachment. The bottom of the hydrant would have bags and the wipes would come out the faucet part. Because of the cost of manufacturing and the functionality of wet wipes, this turned out to be impossible to make.  Frustrated and disappointed that my invention wasn’t moving forward, I decided to focus on my personal life instead.
Doggie Doo All
Almost two years ago this week, I met Larry. Of course I shared with Larry this crazy idea of a dog leash attachment with wipes. Larry thought the idea was a pretty great one but to overcome some of the economic and logistical problems we were having, he came up with the idea of doing it in cloth, as a sewn product. This blew my mind. At first I couldn’t embrace this new idea, but, once I finally saw the possibilities with fabric, we decided to quickly move ahead. Larry’s idea of making the product, by now called the Doggie Doo All, in durable and rugged Cordura nylon allowed us to see possibilities where once there were only dead ends. Fabric changed the playing field for the Doggie Doo All.  Larry’s genius idea allowed us to “build the house around the furniture”, so to speak.  We wanted a bone shape so we added two places for pick up bags, one on either end of the bone shape. Now, we naturally had a middle part to put in the wipes!
Larry and I became partners in manufacturing the Doggie Doo All as our relationship blossomed. We are engaged now and making beautiful Doggie Doo All’s together.  Come along as the next part of our adventure begins: Selling and marketing the Doggie Doo All! It seems we are off to a good start as Long Island Pet Place just named Doggie Doo All a top pick at the Total Pet Expo 2014! Doggie Doo All – We Put A Wipe On It! Till we bark again, Laura
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